Septic System Installation & Repair

If you’re searching for an experienced, well-trained, and highly professional team to manage the installation of your septic system, look no further.  For over 55 years, Hapchuk, Inc. has installed hundreds of onlot sewage disposal systems and is certified, qualified, and prepared to make your project ours.  With our state-of-the-art equipment and some of the finest trained operators and technicians in the industry, you can take confidence in knowing that your system will be installed properly and with quality measures.  We understand that when it comes to installing a system, shortcuts only cut a homeowner short.  With this in mind, Hapchuk, Inc. prides itself on our service and quality, thus our motto, “We’re Here to Serve You”.

Do you need a new septic system and don't know where to start? Check out our step by step process for new septic system installation.

Having troubles with your existing system or tank?  Contact us today— with our many experts in the field, we will quickly evaluate the problem and take the proper steps to get your system back on track.  From freeing clogged or blocked lines to replacing septic tanks, baffles, and pumps, Hapchuk, Inc. is the solution to your problem!

For more information on the elements of a septic system and how they function, check out these PSMA Fact Sheets.


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