Septic inspections

Are you buying or selling a home with a septic system?  It is highly recommended that you do some investigating to find out details about the system before you sign on any dotted lines.  Because of the high costs associated with installing a new system and the complexity of the process in general, prospective homeowners have much to risk when they neglect to evaluate a system before the purchase:

  • How do you really know the system tied into your prospective home is functioning properly?
  • Did the previous homeowner abuse the system by neglecting to have the tanks pumped regularly? 
  • When thousands of dollars are on the line can you really rest assured the system is functioning as intended because the seller told you so? 

There’s only one way to gain a truly accurate idea of the system’s current condition: a comprehensive septic inspection.  It has even become a common practice of financial institutions to require that this type of evaluation be completed so as to reach a conclusion about the condition and functionality of an onlot wastewater system before they invest in the home. 

A Pennsylvania Septage Management Association septic inspection evaluates and makes a conclusion about every component of the septic system and will give a buyer a comprehensive view of  the overall condition of the septic system for the home which they are considering.  Hapchuk, Inc. has committed to a rigorous training program and educational curriculum to equip technicians with the knowledge and expertise needed to conduct effective evaluations of septic systems.  Each of our inspectors have earned National Onsite Foundation (NOF) and PSMA certification in performing comprehensive onlot wastewater treatment system inspections in accordance with the official Inspection Standards developed by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association.

What goes into a septic inspection?
A PSMA septic inspection will include a thorough examination and evaluation of every component of the system. 

  • The size, type and condition of the treatment tank will be documented. 
  • The system’s maintenance history will be researched and the location of all major components will be discovered and documented. 
  • Most importantly, the system evaluator’s report will indicate conditions which may signal potential problems. 
  • Conditions which indicate the system is failing will be noted and reported. 

A PSMA/NOF inspection is not a guarantee or warranty about the condition of the system, but rather, reports the current condition of the system to the customer. 

For more information on the elements of a septic system and how they function, check out these PSMA Fact Sheets.

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