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Root intrusion into drain lines and septic systems is a common cause of slow draining pipes and septic back-ups.  Left unchecked, roots can completely clog and bust pipes and even find their way into septic tanks, costing thousands of dollars to remove or repair.  The foaming action of Root-X allows it to coat the entire interior of a pipe, killing any roots on contact, without harming the tree.  Over time the roots decay, restoring the pipe to its original condition again.  Root-X can be used alone or in addition to our mechanical snake cleaning service and is not harmful to the environment or your septic system.  Hapchuk, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Root-X and strongly endorses its use. To learn more, contact us or visit the official RootX Website.

Seal-R Tank Lids & Riser Pipes:
Tired of having to dig up the lid to your septic tank every time it needs pumped?  Let Hapchuk Inc. install a proper riser pipe and lid which will permanently take digging out of the equation by allowing easy access to the septic tank from ground level.  Seal-R is a quality manufacturer of riser pipes and lids, strongly emphasizing durability and sturdiness in their products. 

  • Seal-R has manufactured their lid to fit with a corrugated plastic dual-wall maintenance pipe, allowing you to select the appropriate height of rise without using pre-cut sections that may not fit your situation.
  • Seal-R’s child-safety lid is the ideal cover for plastic dual-wall riser pipe.
  •  The lid is sturdy, highly durable, lightweight, and installs quickly using 4” stainless steel lag screws (included with cover) in pre-formed holes. 
  • Sold in a green shade of color to blend in with your lawn and manufactured with a gasket to prevent groundwater entry and to prevent odors from escaping, this lid will allow rapid access for servicing without any back-breaking lifting.

Hapchuk, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Seal-R riser pipes and lids and strongly endorses these products.  Call Hapchuk Inc. to have a riser and lid installed today.

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