Bacteria Enzyme Treatment

Preventative maintenance on a septic system is not limited to periodic pumping of the tanks.  Bacteria additives can be highly effective in digesting the solids in a septic tank, thus minimizing the risk of build-ups forming in the line which can prevent effluent from reaching the absorption field. 

CCLS is:

  • A treatment plant-grade liquid bacteria/ enzyme product formulated specifically for residential septic system maintenance. 
  • A time-tested, proven bacteria enzyme additive
  • An essential additive to your septic tank that replenishes the system with the vital bacteria  needed to breakdown solids in your drains, pipes, septic tank, and soil absorption systems that many common household products (including detergents, bleaches, cleaners, etc.)  destroy
  • Both the largest-selling and widely agreed best septic treatment product available on the market
  • The only USDA-approved bacteria additive
  • Also important in aiding in solids digestion and settling, suspended solids removal, and odor control in your septic tank

Hapchuk, Inc. is an exclusive distributor of CCLS and strongly endorses its use.  Contact us or stop in today to purchase your own treatment of CCLS.  Your septic system will thank you with a longer, healthier life!

Bio-Rem E-D
Bio-Rem E-D is a bacteria enzyme additive that shares many of the same properties as CCLS.  Different from CCLS however, this product contains a more intense bacteria concentration designed to break down and digest the grease matter that accumulates in a restaurant or kitchen’s grease trap.  A USDA approved product, Bio-Rem E-D is arguably the most effective additive on the market for restoring drainage to clogged leaching facilities.  The need for this product roots back to the same philosophy supporting the role of CCLS in a septic tank; as the Bio-Rem breaks down and digests the grease matter, the risk of solids building up in the outlet line is reduced.  Furthermore, this product is very effective in controlling strong odors omitted by the grease.  Formulated specifically for grease trap waste, Bio-Rem E-D is a reliable product every restaurant should utilize in conjunction with a routine cleaning and maintenance program.  Contact us today to incorporate Bio-Rem E-D into your grease trap maintenance program.

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