lad - treatment facility plant

Liquid Assets Disposal, the sister-company of Hapchuk, Inc., is a privately owned and operated pre-treatment facility located in Wheeling, West Virginia.  LAD provides an environmentally secure and state approved non-hazardous liquid waste treatment and disposal operation.  Accepting non-hazardous sewage, treatment plant sludge, and compatible residual wastewater, our treatment facility is capable of processing a wide variety of waste liquids.  Wastewater brought in for treatment undergoes screening for debris removal, equalization, aerobic biological treatment, settling, sludge conditioning, and sludge dewatering through the use of an advanced rotary dewatering press.  Dewatered sludge is disposed of in a local solid waste landfill. 

Our facility was designed to offer an easily accessible site, quick off-loading times, and contains on-site equalization/ storage capabilities in excess of 300,000 gallons for rapid, bulk unloading.  With such a highly efficient process and facility, LAD truly take the headaches out of liquid waste disposal!


226 Rankin Road | Washington, PA 15301
724-222-6080 | 800-540-3038